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Ep# 261 Can’t Have Unity Apart From Truth

September 6, 2017

Ep# 261 Can't Have Unity Apart From Truth On this episode of G220 Radio we will be having a discussion with Joseph Ibrahim of the Cleveland Street Preachers who you can find on YouTube. Joseph is a street preacher in the Cleveland, Ohio area which I (Ricky Gantz) have had interaction personally and online about our differences in what we believe, I do not believe these difference are just superficial but serious, in fact, so serious that I believe they are damnable heresies.  We will attempt to have a conversation in grace on the program tonight where we can have a dialogue about these differences. Some of the issues Joseph has with us is Calvinism, and he believes we don't believe in the Holy Spirit because we don't believe in the gifts the way he does, which we may explore at another time, possibly on his platform of YouTube.  However we will want to talk about the Atonement, Original Sin and possibly Sinless Perfection on the program because we do believe these are the greater areas of concern, although Joseph may disagree over what he believes is the greater areas of concern.  Any questions or comments please email us at g220radio@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.. Check out our website at: http://www.g220ministries.com

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