G220 Radio

Ep# 308 Is Roman Catholicism Christian?

July 18, 2018

On this episode of G220 Radio we look to examine the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and compare them to Christianity. Is Roman Catholicism Christian? Often asking a Roman Catholic if they are Christian they will say, "NO, I'm Catholic", so what is the difference, is there a difference? Does it really matter? Aren't they just another denomination? Hosted by Mike Miller & Ricky Gantz w/Guest Dr. Anthony Silvestro of Creation Revival Ministries & Striving For Eternity Ministries. 1) Sharing any background we may have in or with Roman Catholicism either in it or family members in it. 2) Discuss what the authority is in the Roman Church. 3) Discuss is it faith alone or faith plus works 4) Baptism 5) Mass/Eucharist 6) Mary 7) Statues/Saints/Prayers to the Dead etc.

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