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Ep# 5 Contradict–They Can’t All Be True!

Ep# 5 Contradict–They Can’t All Be True!

March 31, 2014

Ep# 5 Contradict--They Can't All Be True!


There are many different religions in the world and many people in today's society believe that all roads lead to rome. In other words it doesnt really matter what you believe if it works for you it will all be the same in the end. However this cannot be true, the law of non-contradiction tells us two things cannot say something completely opposite and still be the same.

Christianity is an exclusive religion, in John 14:6 Jesus Christ says he is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through him. That's pretty exclusive!

Do religions all basically teach the same thing? On this episode of G220 Radio we will be discussing the new book Contradict--They cant all be true with Author Andy Wrasman.

Ep# 4 Jehovah’s Witness–Are They Christian?

Ep# 4 Jehovah’s Witness–Are They Christian?

March 24, 2014

Episode 4 Jehovah's Witness--Are they Christian?


On the last episode of G220 Radio we looked at Mormonism and whether or not they are truly Christian. This week we will take a look into Jehovah's Witness--Are they Christian? Like Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness is another religious group that walks through the neighborhood going door to door to share their beliefs with those willing to listen to them. Do those beliefs that they are so eagerly willing to share the same as Biblical Christianity beliefs or are they different? As with Mormons the Jehovah Witnesses use many of the same terms used within Christianity but when we examine them closely do they mean the same things.

Join in on the conversation to discuss the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses to be better prepared and equipped when you hear that knock on your door on a Saturday morning.

Ep# 3 Mormonism–Is It Christian?

Ep# 3 Mormonism–Is It Christian?

March 17, 2014

Episode 3 Mormonism--Is it Christian?


How often have you heard a knock at the door and when you open you find two young men dressed up in a white shirt and tie with the name tag elder so and so. As you begin to talk to them they speak with terms that sound Christian and will even affirm themselves to be Christians. But are Mormons truly Christians? Does Mormonism teach the same things as biblical Christianity?

On this episode we will examine what the Mormons believe and actually teach and see if what they say they believe is actually Christian or something else!

Ep# 2 The Ten Commandments

Ep# 2 The Ten Commandments

March 10, 2014

Episode 2 The Ten Commandments


Many people have heard of the ten commandments but how many of the ten can you actually name? On this episode we will take a look at what the ten commandments are and talk about how the moral law is written on our hearts and is used as a mirror to see ourselves as God sees us. As men and women we declare our own goodness and we will see how by using God's standard of the moral law (the ten commandments) how we have all sinned against a Holy God and in need of a savior.

Paul tells us the law is a schoolmaster and if it was nofor the law he would not have known what sin is. So dont miss the show as we take the time to look at the ten commandments.

Ep# 1 Christian Music…What is Acceptable and Unacceptable?

Ep# 1 Christian Music…What is Acceptable and Unacceptable?

March 3, 2014

Ep# 1 Christian Music...What is Acceptable and Unacceptable?


Welcome to G220 Radio, on the very first episode the topic is on Christian Music...What is acceptable and unacceptable? There are those who believe that the only music acceptable for worship is hymns and psalms, any other music is unacceptable to them. While on the other hand you have those who prefer Christian Contemporary Music and are bored by classic hymns. Some hold to their traditions and believe music should only be done with certain instruments excluding guitars and drums. There is so much that can be talked about when discussing Christian Music.

What about the genre of music, is there specific styles of music that would be inappropriate for worship. Some people have a problem with rap, rock and country music to name a few types of genres that may or may not be used as a style of music for worship.

Also what about corporate worship, is there a difference between corporate worship and private worship? I've heard it said before that if you would not use it for corporate worship than you shouldn't use it at all.

Another area to look at is the artist themselves. How well should you know the artist singing the songs? Should it be an interest to know what they believe theologically if you are going to use their songs as part of your corporate worship or even in private worship?

All this and more onĀ  G220 Radio show.

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