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Ep# 36 Ghosts, Demons, and Halloween

Ep# 36 Ghosts, Demons, and Halloween

October 28, 2014

On this episode of G220 Radio we talk about Ghosts, Demons and Halloween.

Have you ever wondered if ghosts were real? Can someone who has passed on be stuck in between worlds unable to move on and be a ghost? What about demons? Hollywood horror movies are sometimes about demonic possession, one of the scariest movies I ever seen was the exorcist. So what does the bible say about demons and demonic possession? Can Christians be possessed? We often see the Catholic priests being portrayed as those who perform exorcisms. Are these real manifestations of demons or is it something else? Finally Halloween, what are the origins of halloween? Children dressing up like mummies, zombies, vampires, and witches. Should Christians really be involved with or celebrate this pagan holiday?

Tune in to find out on G220 Radio

Ep# 35 What are we talking about??

Ep# 35 What are we talking about??

October 21, 2014

Hello G220 Radio listeners, on this episode we dont really have any theme or main topic really to call the show. So we are going to open the phone lines up for the listeners to call in and say hello.

What about these statements "I plead the blood of Jesus" or "I declare and decree" or  "I bind you satan in name of Jesus" call in and share with us how you view these statements being made, maybe you use them and want to call in to say why.

We will be chopping up a video made by a professing Christian on YouTube about 5 things Christians need to stop doing, uuummm Ok!  We will break these clips dwn throughout the show tonight.

Also are sermon jam of the week will be by Steve Lawson

Another audio we will play is from a annonomous fella on YouTube who posted a video with the message of why most Christians are going to hell.

What is in the news, so many things going on in the country where to we start, but we will cover some news stories tonight as well.

Should be a fun and excited evening, more fun and excited if YOU THE LISTENERS CALL IN. The number is 1-347-857-4028.

Ep# 34 A look at Eschatology: Dispensational Premillenialism

Ep# 34 A look at Eschatology: Dispensational Premillenialism

October 14, 2014

We continue our series on Eschatology with the Dispensational Premillennial view. My guest tonight will be Pastor Dean Good of Grace Church of North Olmsted. With the new LEFT BEHIND remake movie coming out in October this sparks talk about the end times. And the view that is represented in this movie starring Nicolas Cage is the dispensational view. So what is dispensationalism? What about the Rapture? The Tribulation and the Millennial Reign of Christ? What does this end time view believe when it comes to the events that will happen? How important is Eschatology? Does are salvation depend on it? Find out when you tune in to G220 Radio.

Ep# 33 United in Christ Jesus

Ep# 33 United in Christ Jesus

October 7, 2014

On this episode of G220 Radio I will talk with my guests Shane and Holly Sands about their Ministry United in Christ Jesus.

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