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Tongue Waggers: Lingwistiks frum a Xtian W/V (Ep 2)

Tongue Waggers: Lingwistiks frum a Xtian W/V (Ep 2)

March 31, 2016

Calling all grammar nazis, spelling sticklers, and pronounication puritans! On this episode, Mike and George will be discussing how to view language from a descriptive lens, not a prescriptive one. This is ground zero when talking about language, and most are shocked to hear about the scientific and objective position that language is best viewed descriptively. This show will cover topics like:


Grammar myths that still pervade English

The difference between descriptive and prescriptive grammar

What should be our perception be of those that pronounce words differently

How is our attitude when communicating with others we suspect is less "educated"

Does a dictionary "define" words

What do we do with spelling "errors"

How does descriptive grammar help us read the Bible and various translations

...And much more.

Ep# 151 Carry The Cross

Ep# 151 Carry The Cross

March 29, 2016

Welcome to another episode of G220 Radio! Here on the program we talk about a wide variety of topics from a Christian perspective. We are an evanglelistic and disciple making ministry with a purpose to encourage, strengthen and edify believers, while being convicting to sinners.

On this episode of G220 Radio John Eckel will join me as a co-host for the show and my guest will be Juan Nueto III. Juan was a UPC licensed minister for 2 years, Pentecostal, sprinkled Catholic  when he was a baby, baptized Mormon, and a Jehovah Witness growing up, what a testimony this brother has to share with us on the program. From false religion to born again believer who loves to point other to the truth of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while also carrying the cross.

If you would like to know more about Juan Nueto III click on the link below and be sure to follow him on Facebook:


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Ep #150 Politics, Pastoring, Eschatology, and Ted Cruz

Ep #150 Politics, Pastoring, Eschatology, and Ted Cruz

March 25, 2016

What a treat we have in store this episode. Pastor Mike Gonzalez Senior Pastor at Columbia World Outreach Church and Executive Director of the SC Pastors Alliance, and a strong advocate/campaigner for Ted Cruz, will be joining George Alvarado to discuss some weighty issues. Some issues we'll investigate will include:


How does our theology inform our voting? Should it?

How does eschatology play a role in getting involved in politics?

Should a pastor get involved in political matters?

Who is Ted Cruz? Why should we vote for him?

How do we handle voters who are professing Christians who vote for Trump, Hilary, Bernie, or other candidates?


And much more...


If you have any questions you would like to ask on the show, email us at g220radio@gmail.com

Ep# 149 Testimonies

Ep# 149 Testimonies

March 22, 2016

On this episode of G220 Radio my friends Brad & Ryan Valka join me to share their personal testimonies on growing up in the Church and then leaving the Church and then truly being born again and how God has been working in their lives, in personal growth and in stepping out in faith to evangelize.

Ep# 148 Faith & Family with The Muniak Family

Ep# 148 Faith & Family with The Muniak Family

March 15, 2016

On this episode of G220 Radio, Ryan & Elaine Muniak of Faith and Family Radio also Witness Radio will be my guests to discuss their new radio show Faith and Family. Many of you know Ryan who has been on with me before and hosts Witness Radio, the only radio show that doesn't care about ratings because their soul purpose is to save souls on purpose, well Ryan has recently started a new show with his wonderful wife Elaine and they will be on to tell us about the new show and what it is like living out your faith and raising a family.

Ep# 147 Oneness vs Trinity Debate

Ep# 147 Oneness vs Trinity Debate

March 14, 2016

Welcome to G220 Radio, tonight on this special addition of the program we have a debate lined up for you between Josh Sexton who holds to a form of Oneness Pentecostalism and Pastor Saiko Woods who holds to the Trinitarian view.


This show came about as a result of a previous show we had here on G220 Radio with Pastor Saiko Woods as my guest addressing popular social media persona Marcus Rogers and The Heresy of Modalism.


We hope this debate will be informative and educational. If you have any questions you would like to address with my guests for tonight's debate you can reach them via Facebook or send your desire to connect with one of the guests to G220 Radio and we will connect you with the guests in the debate.

Ep# 146 Christianity Is Part Of Our Heritage

Ep# 146 Christianity Is Part Of Our Heritage

March 8, 2016

Welcome to G220 Radio! February was black history month, well my guest for this episode posted a series of posts on Facebook dealing with #ChristianityIsPartOfOurHeritage so on this show Daniel Quarells will be joining me to share with us the content of these posts. So that we might learn and understand the history.

Ep# 145 Marcus Rogers & The Heresy of Modalism!

Ep# 145 Marcus Rogers & The Heresy of Modalism!

March 1, 2016

Welcome to G220 Radio, on this episode we will be dealing about and hopefully with a well known speaker on social media. Marcus Rogers is the man many have seen wearing an army uniform talking about God. He has a large following of people who support and share his posts and videos. While he has much zeal and passion, what is it that he actually believes theologically. Recently Saiko Woods and myself have challenged Marcus on his beliefs, which has become more evident that he holds to and promotes the Heresy of Modalism. Marcus Rogers said he would be on the show but has pulled back from coming on but the offer still stands open for Marcus to call in and defend his position. In the attempt to confront Marcus on the Trinity, many have provided scriptural support and attempted to correct Marcus' understanding of the Trinity even reaching Dr. James White on the Dividing Line where Dr. White broke down Marcus' video denying the Trinity, yet Marcus still refuses to hear anyone who actually understands the position.


Topics we want to discuss concerning Marcus Rodgers:

New Revelations from God

Once Saved Always Saved Rejection

Denial of the Trinity >> Oneness Heresy

Want to know more about my guest? Go to:

 http://hiswordhisway.org/ for Pastor Saiko Woods


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