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Can We Wait Before Giving Someone A Platform?

July 19, 2019

George Alvarado is continuing his evaluation concerning Kirk Franklin and his video with a street preacher, except, he is exclusively concerned about this young man's beliefs. 

In this episode, George is admonishing the church to patiently and discerningly wait before giving preachers and ministries a platform. Do we know what this young man believes? Are we aware that he believes in interpreting dreams? Do we know the he uses confusing language concerning works and grace? Have we done our due diligence to find out what exactly does this young man teach and believe? Or are we just sharing this man's videos and ministry without discernment? 

This young man, from Untamed Truth, was bold to confront Kirk Franklin concerning his errors. And apparently, he had a sit down discussion with Kirk Franklin afterward. And a video is soon to be released, which many are waiting to find out how it went. But if Kirk Franklin was to be persuaded about his errors, and is won by this young man, do we know what he is being won to? Are we asking the right questions?  

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