G220 Radio

Ep# 114 Mix Tape Hip Hop Jams

November 13, 2015

Welcome to G220 Radio!! I am your host Ricky Gantz and I thank you for joining the program today. On this episode of G220 Radio I will be playing some Christians rap music that I put together playing around making some mix tapes. Thought it would be cool to share them with you here on G220 Radio. Also using this time to test somethings out with the show to see how it comes out when I use a different way to call into the show. Working on trying to make the show better to the best of my knowledge on understanding when it comes to technology and also counting on the internet ad computer to work properly. All that to say I hope you enjoy this episode of G220 Radio.

God Bless and thank you again for listening. Please don't be shy and share this episode as well as the other episodes on your Facebook and Twitter. Help me get the word out and all you have to do is share.

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