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Ep# 19 Apocity Revisited

June 30, 2014

Ep# 19 Apocity Revisited


Do you know what it is called when someone fails to share the gospel message with othes.......APOCITY! On this episode of G220 we will be joined by George Alvarado as we revisit the topic of his book Apocity The Greatest Omission. So often in the American Church we look to evangelism as inviting others to Church that they might hear the gospel from their pastors. Sometimes Churches come up with many ways to try to attract unbelievers into the doors of the Church. While some of these types of outreaches may reach some, Jesus commanded us to go into the world and share the gospel. Do you think it is a sin to not share your faith? Some believe it is not their gifting, others fail to share the gospel out of fear of man and others out of laziness.

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