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Ep# 285 Evangelism In The Workplace, Family & Church

March 21, 2018

Ep# 285 Evangelism In The Workplace, Family & Church   Open Phone Lines > 347-857-4028 > We would love to hear from you during the show, we are taking calls, so don't be shy, call in & share with us your tips in how you evangelize in these areas >> the workplace, with family & in the church. On this episode Mike Miller & Ricky Gantz  will discuss evangelism. First in the workplace, what are some ways you can evangelize with co-workers, what are some ways not to evangelize co-workers?? From there we move to discuss evanglizing familiy members, this can be a difficult task because of the relationships you already have with family, and if they are hostle towards the gospel it can make family ties even more distant, so we will talk about this and ways of being a witness to family members in hopes to not cut off relationships to the best of your ability. Finally we will talk about evangelism in the church, not everyone in church is a christian, so what is the best way to approach others in your church about their faith and share the gospel with them?  Email feedback to: g220radio@gmail.com  Support us by praying, subscribing, sharing and also follow us on Facebook & Twitter    

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