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Ep # 451 // An Interview with Tom Hoefling

October 6, 2020
In this episode, Mike, Ricky, and Natty P will be interviewing the 2020 Presidential Candidate Tom Hoefling.
Tom Hoefling is a national conservative political activist, writer, publisher, organizer, and consultant. He is known primarily for his efforts to abolish abortion and his staunch defense of traditional marriage. He has also been a long-time advocate for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, private property rights, economic liberty, fundamental tax reform, secure borders, and the maintenance of American sovereignty and security. He was closely associated politically for many years with former Reagan administration official and U.N. Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes.
Tom is the primary author of the Equal Protection for Posterity Resolution, which is revolutionizing how Americans look at what must be done to stop the abortion holocaust. He is among the few American political leaders who are rated by American Right to Life as a Tier One Personhood Pro-Lifer. In November of 2015, Tom Hoefling was listed by Newsmax as one of America's "100 Most Influential Pro-Life Advocates." But, Tom Hoefling, and many others across America, have long ago left the "pro-life" label behind, and instead, choose to call themselves abortion abolitionists.


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