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Ep# 75 TULIP Series: Irresistible Grace

June 16, 2015

Welcome to G220 Radio! Thank you for joining the program tonight here on the show we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our purpose is to equipt, edify, and encourage the saints to be more and more like Jesus Christ!

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TULIP Series: Irresistible Grace w/guests Scotty Logue & David Martin fromĀ  http://heartsforthelost.com/

Irresistible Grace (or efficacious grace) is a doctrine in Christian theology particularly associated with Calvinism which teaches that the saving grace of God is effectually applied to those whom he has determined to save (the elect), whereby in God's timing, he overcomes their resistance to the call of the gospel and irresistibly brings them to a saving

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