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Old Testament Canon // Ep# 502

October 20, 2021

Steve Christie was raised Catholic, serving as Treasurer of the Knights of the Altar of his former parish. He graduated from a Catholic elementary school, high school & college, where he converted to a Protestant in August 2004. He has earned a Bachelor in the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as a Master of Business Administration. He is a registered nurse serving at a local hospital. He has been interviewed on Christian & secular television, radio, and newspapers. He has spoken at Christian organizations, his local university, and several churches, including in Romania, as well as being the keynote speaker for the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation at First Baptist Church of Greater Toledo. He served as the Chairman of the Missions Committee at his former church& as a chaplain for the YMCA, each for three years. He has participated in live debates against Catholic apologists on the Old Testament canon, such as author Gary Michuta (“Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger”) & Trent Horn from Catholic Answers, as well as in numerous online discussions on the canon, such as with Dr. Michael Brown. He has lead home Bible studies for nearly 14 years. Steve currently worships at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, and is the author of two Christian books, the latest: “Why Protestant Bibles Are Smaller: a Defense of the Protestant Old Testament Canon.”

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