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Tongue Waggers: Lingwistiks frum a Xtian W/V (Ep 4)

May 26, 2016

On this episode your Tongue Wagging gents will continue to explain word classes, but the main thrust will be exegetical/linguistic fallacies. You will be surprised how many times we all commit these fallacies when discussing various subjects, when we are out witnessing, but most often, when exegeting and explaining Scripture. Here is the list of fallacies we are going to discuss:


  1. The Root Fallacy
  2. Semantic Anachronism
  3. Illegitimate totality transfer
  4. Word-Concept Fallacy (aka Lexical-Conceptual Fallacy)
  5. Diachronic Priority
  6. One Meaning Fallacy (aka Word Study)


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